a genuine organic food, km 0

The Restaurant

Exposed beams, stone flag floors, recreate the old stables; the room sits easily 40 covers, with lots of external spaces for a relaxing dining.


Exhibitions of local artist decorate the walls of the ground floor.


Daily changing menù reflects our commitment to: organic food,km 0fresh seasonal products from local Tuscan farms, slow food, country cooking, vegetarian dishes, use of wild herbs and plants.


Advance booking adviced.


The Tuscan cuisine is simple, made ​​of extraordinary flavors created by the intelligence of the poor people, peasants who were forced to use cheaper food for the preparation of their dishes.



In Tuscany, in fact, it is preferred to the use of oil than lard and soups become the protagonists of a simple but tasty and nutritious though simplicity does not leave anything to chance because the ingredients are dosed with art and flavor always well balanced. But the real protagonist in Tuscany is the bread. Its main feature is the lack of salt.

The bread

And it is the bread the basic ingredient of many Tuscan recipes.

The bread in Tuscany, with all its varieties, is considered a very important food and should not be wasted. Some recipes that are still widely used, such as panzanella, pappa al pomodoro, Ribollita, Acquacotta, are made with stale bread.

Tuscan cuisine

The simplicity of Tuscan cuisine, a rustic kitchen, measured and tasty can be considered, at the same time, even refined and absolutely attentive to the culinary delights.

Tuscan cuisine is also very varied in taste and variety as recipes and this combined with the quality and authenticity of the ingredients makes it exceptional.